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Developing for Windows Phone 7, thoughts after a few months on task

Windows Phone has been around for a while, and I’ve been working on a few applications for the new platform.

The first one, which is available in the market now is a stopwatch. There’s not a lot to it, I used it as a way to get acquainted with the platform and development tools. It presented a unique challenge, since the platform doesn’t support any multi-tasking, I had to serialize data to isolated storage every time the application lost focus. I was able to put this application together in a few three hour sessions, plus a bit of graphic design work, since publishing to the market requires three different sized icons.

The second app that is currently in the works is a client for a hobby website that I run: Car Cruise Chicago. The real key here is that it comsumes a web service, another common use case, so I felt that tackling this would further boost my knowledgebase on the platform. This application is about 80% complete, with the remaining work requiring some changes on the web service end and some user interface tweaks.

While I was working on these two projects, it became apparent that knowledge of the MVVM pattern would be beneficial and at the same time, I started feeling the need for a password manager of sorts. Enter my third windows phone application, a password manager. Its in the very early stages of development and it will very likely be the project that I use to learn and become comfortable with MVVM.

There you have it, one developer looking to have three applications on the windows phone market before the platform is even six months old. That is not even counting the games that I’ve got in the works, more on those another time.


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