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My first hand observatons about mobile app ads

Despite the posts below, my game(s) are still sitting unfinished. In the meantime I have published some apps to the Windows Phone store. A free stopwatch, and a paid utility (with ad supported “free trial”) for testing websites and servers called Network Tools.

The initial thought was that people who found value in the app and didn’t like ads would pop the $1.49 and have them removed, those who didn’t would see ads and I’d make a decent income on both. I do this as a hobby so, if the income here buys me a few dinners a month, I’m happy.

I average a combined total of 450 downloads (paid and free) of Network Tools per month. I average about $2/month from ads on the app. What this tells me is that people download my app, open my app, setup their sites, turn on background tasks and rarely open it again.

The server that runs these tests costs me more than that per month to operate; luckily I operate it for this app for my own use, so the fact that my ads don’t sustain it is OK, but in many instances the developer of these apps is trying to make a living off them, so loosing money operating servers for apps is not an option.

The take away is that ad supported apps, are just like websites! You need users to come back often in order to make any money with ads. So if you are making a single use or infrequently used app, think seriously about it going the ad supported route.


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Prototyping and the value of play testing

Everything you read about game development says to do as much play testing as possible.  I never disagreed, but I was always skeptical as to how much value could be obtained from it. There are two key areas of play testing.

First, there is play testing to determine of the overall game concept is fun. This is your prototype. This is key. If you have a good working prototype you can play test it and find out if your concept is fun. The key here is to bang out a working prototype early. Second, is gameplay to iron out game mechanics. This requires more of your game to be implemented. I haven’t gotten here yet, but this looks like a candidate for another post in the future.

I had a prototype of a game I’m working on done in a few hours of work, turns out it wasn’t very fun. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but based on playing it myself I continued convincing myself it was not fun because the mechanics needed to be ironed out. This was my problem, I went into play testing based on that assumption. Turns out my concept was not fun, but the mechanics were solid, it was that the overall gameplay needed to change.

Luckily, my prototype was generic enough that I only had to throw out a few hundred lines of code to radically change the gameplay. Granted I went from super simple gameplay to simple gameplay, so I didn’t lose very much code, and much of my prototype will be used in the final game.

This will push my schedule back a bit, due to the fact that I’m building this game in my spare time, but its going to be worth it because the result is really going to be a game that a lot more fun to play.

The bottom line is that my play testers said the overall concept was not fun, so rather than being offended or upset my concept was not fun, I went back to the drawing board based on their feedback, and now even I think the new concept is way more fun.

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Game Dev on WP7

So far I’ve started several proof of concept games on windows phone 7, each of them was a great success in its own right, though they are nowhere near complete and only start to introduce gameplay, they proved to me that wp7 has the ability to quickly and easily make very high quality games.

I have a few full game designs that I’m hoping to have time to work on in the coming months. One of them is pretty far along and I’m hoping to have it in the market by October. Since this is a moonlight job for me, it doesn’t always get the attention it should. It’s a new take on a “falling thingy” style game, but it brings some new elements which I think are very exciting.

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Developing for Windows Phone 7, thoughts after a few months on task

Windows Phone has been around for a while, and I’ve been working on a few applications for the new platform.

The first one, which is available in the market now is a stopwatch. There’s not a lot to it, I used it as a way to get acquainted with the platform and development tools. It presented a unique challenge, since the platform doesn’t support any multi-tasking, I had to serialize data to isolated storage every time the application lost focus. I was able to put this application together in a few three hour sessions, plus a bit of graphic design work, since publishing to the market requires three different sized icons.

The second app that is currently in the works is a client for a hobby website that I run: Car Cruise Chicago. The real key here is that it comsumes a web service, another common use case, so I felt that tackling this would further boost my knowledgebase on the platform. This application is about 80% complete, with the remaining work requiring some changes on the web service end and some user interface tweaks.

While I was working on these two projects, it became apparent that knowledge of the MVVM pattern would be beneficial and at the same time, I started feeling the need for a password manager of sorts. Enter my third windows phone application, a password manager. Its in the very early stages of development and it will very likely be the project that I use to learn and become comfortable with MVVM.

There you have it, one developer looking to have three applications on the windows phone market before the platform is even six months old. That is not even counting the games that I’ve got in the works, more on those another time.

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.NET Generic Handlers and a Pain in the Neck

I’m using Microsoft Virtual Earth to map locations for a project that I’m working on. This is all fine and good. I’m using a GeoRSS feed to populate points on my map with code like this:


The issue here, is that my ashx handler that was providing the GeoRSS feed was somehow being cached. So updates to data would NOT be reflected on the GeoRSS feed until I closed and opened the browser window. This was not good.

Enter Response Headers:

context.Response.Headers.Add("Pragma", "no-cache")
context.Response.Headers.Add("Cache-Control", "no-cache")

I’m saved right? Not a chance. Using the above syntax will result in an exception to the effect of “Requires IIS integrated pipeline mode” Turns out that this is an IIS 7.0 ONLY feature; this is not supported on IIS 6, what I’m using since there is no IIS 7.0 for Windows Server 2003.

A quick swap from

context.Response.Headers.Add("Pragma", "no-cache")
context.Response.Headers.Add("Cache-Control", "no-cache")


context.Response.AddHeader("Pragma", "no-cache")
context.Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control", "no-cache")

and you’re all set.

I’m still kinda peeved that .Net does not account for the operating system (and thus IIS version) and adjust the call accordingly. I thought one of the reasons for .Net was to write ONE VERSION of your application and deploy to ANY operating system, and provided you did not use any [DllImports] your application was supposed to work. Overall, still very happy with .Net but kinda peeved about this one.

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Fizzbin – You should be using this

Scott Hanselman proposed this at the beginning of the year here:

Its the technical support handshake, and the more people who use it, the more likely it’ll catch on. And that’d be a good thing.

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WPF WebBrowser (3.5SP1) Source Binding

So, the new WPF WebBrowser control does not support data binding the “Source” property.

Thus if you were trying to write Xaml like this (below) you are flat out of luck.

After what felt like days of Googling I found this little gem:

This is great, it lets you bind a WebBrowser control to a Url that you have in a data source.

More later on if you have specific Html/JavaScript stored in a data source that you’d like to display in a WebBrowser control, but that’s another post all together.

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